Rachel is awesome.

With our pets, I’ve always been “daddy.” Rachel asked what to call me now quite a while back and I said I could live with the daddy thing here, I thought. Recently, she’s been telling Zoidberg to go see “purple mommy.” I couldn’t help but love this. Zoidberg already knows what it means, too. So I guess I’m forever “purple mommy” to the pets. I like it. :)

I was looking at my RSS feed tonight and stopped at a picture of a really attractive Suicide Girl photo. I turned to Rachel and said that I’d be happy if my boobs just got this big, pointing at the photo. Rachel said they already are that big, to my surprise. Apparently, with my tattoo work, I can’t see as well where my curves go, especially straight on. Rachel assured me that I’m as big as I was hoping for this whole time. That really makes me happy in so many ways. I never would have noticed this without Rachel’s keen eyes tonight <3







I don’t have a reaction gif for ‘I’m getting what I want, but in a way that makes me want to go on a killing spree.’

Lol omg. Pockets. I love pockets.

All it took was capitalism! Now that there’s things to BUY that NEED THE POCKETS we will make the pockets. Women who have been wanting pockets for years? Pff, where’s the profit in that

The reason is ridiculous, but I’m glad it’s finally happening. I’m so sick of finding pants I love, then learning the pockets are fake. It’ll be so nice to finally have real ones.


Dear Trans Women:



Michelle Duggar, wife of Tea Party politician Jim Bob Duggar (stars of 19 Kids and Counting on the TLC network), has been doing anti-trans Republican robocalls in Arkansas, to attack trans rights.  In her robocall, she compared trans women to pedophiles and unequivocally called them men.  

The Duggars have millions of loyal, right wing Christian fans and are now millionaires due to their popular show.  They are VERY influential in their home state of Arkansas, and they are now using their political muscle to fight trans rights. 

My question:  Where are the trans women?  WHERE ARE YOU?  

Oh, right, you are busy fussing about lesbians not sleeping with you and attacking the infinitesimal number of women who define as “radical feminist”—most of whom seem to be 18-year-olds on tumblr.  But when it comes to actually attacking the aggressive right wing that has you in its crosshairs?


I have seen NO posts about this on tumblr. None.  Zip.  I have not seen any harassment or trash-talking of the powerful Duggars, needless to say;  I haven’t even see any funny gifs or tumblr-style mockery.  

The hundreds of angry trans women who spent incredible amounts of time trying to stop a teeny-weeny conference of 30 radical feminists (!)  are totally ignoring these right wing millionaires who call them pedophiles.  They are not demonstrating outside the entrance to the Duggar’s property (which is legal, BTW, just as Cindy Sheehan set up camp outside of Dubya’s ranch), nor are they writing angry emails en masse to the TLC network.  There is no online petition started by trans women to get the Duggar’s show canceled.  

Zip. Nothing.  Nada.  NOTHING.

In short, they have not even organized a boycott of this wildly-successful show.  They haven’t. done. shit.

Where do you lazy trans non-activists get off claiming no feminists care about trans women, when you ignore Tea Party millionaires who are zealously organizing against your rights? Is there some reason you focus on the small fraction of women who call themselves radical feminists, to the exclusion of politically-connected TV stars who single you out as pedophiles and instruct the people of Arkansas to call the cops every time one of you tries to pee?

See, ladies, this is why we think you are frauds and misogynists.  Understand now?  You fuss about the deaths of trans women, yet the plight of trans women in Arkansas does not worry you in the slightest.  

Why doesn’t it?  

Let me know when yall are ready to head out to Arkansas to demonstrate against the transphobe Quiverfulls.  I am ready to go, and of course, I have wanted to demonstrate against the Duggars since forever, as I erroneously believed ALL OF US DID.  

Don’t you?  

And why not?

I can’t travel unless my health improves. I don’t know what I can do without travelling. I don’t have any organizing skills, so my activism involved attending mass protests, getting beaten for it, and taking pictures for Indymedia. I can’t do that unless my health improves because it involves travel, noise, and trying to avoid cigarette smoke.

I don’t know much about Quiverfull, and whether they are any more influential than Westboro Baptist. Although I stumbled across this blog series some time back:



Anonymous asked:

could you maybe explain the drag queen thing i dont get it im sorry

poppunkvampire answered:

drag queens often perform incredibly catty misogynistic stereotypes of womanhood and use a huge amount of misogynistic slurs and transmisogynistic slurs. it’s also incredibly common for drag circles to excuse or actively engage in racism, see Shirley Q Liquor, who wears actual blackface onstage (which RuPaul defended publicly and insisted wasn’t racist). and when RuPaul’s Drag Race was called out by the trans community for frequently using transmisogynistic slurs and then designing a game on the show where the goal was literally to “clock” trans women, the drag community rose to defend him, and he got away with a weak-ass fauxpology. additonally, drag is a performance, so the performers can shed womanhood (particularly the dangerous territory of DMAB womanhood) at will, and do not actually experience misogyny or transmisogyny in any real way. drag culture also often blurs the lines between drag and non-cis genders as a way of excusing transmisogyny, which perpetuates attitudes in queer communities that non-cis genders are performative and therefore to be judged on how “well” they are performed. this often makes cis queer spaces very uncomfortable for trans people; people will openly clock you and comment on your ability to “pass”. I have no problem with drag as a gender expression, or with DMAB people who express femininity, but I have a huge fucking problem with drag culture.





can we also talk abt how trans women are routinely excluded from and abused in queer communities while drag queens are so fucking adored that they’re basically the face of queer communities. go to a queer club, drag queens everywhere, trans women barely visible. go to a pride parade, drag queens fucking everywhere, no trans women visible. cis ppl will pay money to go see a drag queen perform but will refuse to associate w trans women. double fucking standards

always going to have bitterness at drag queens for this and they always act like they’ve never heard of any of this shit when i bring it up at ‘em.

For those that don’t realize this.